HFC Donation Program
(Created in honor of Debbie)

FACT: Debbie is a volunteer fitness instructor with Hamilton Fitness Community


FACT: Debbie is a kind human giving her energy and talents to others by volunteering at serval community organizations/centers


FACT: Debbie is a Big Sister with the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization


FACT: Debbie paid for an HFC Winter 2022 Membership and offered it as a gift to another person who cannot afford an HFC Membership


FACT: Hamilton Fitness Community is proud to announce the birth of our "HFC Donation Program"!!


Congratulations Debbie for such a fantastic idea! Your donated membership will go to someone who cannot afford a membership but would really love the opportunity to move with HFC & B!

If you would like to accept a donated membership -OR-

you know someone who would benefit from moving with us,

but cannot afford the cost, please email

hamiltonfitnesscommunity@gmail.com or click the email box: 

If you too would like to make an HFC Donation please etransfer us a donation to hamiltonfitnesscommunity@gmail.com or click the email box:

Once your donation has been accepted, you will be sent a THANK YOU email and will be notified when your donation is in ACTION!

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