Spring/Summer 2021 Fitness Schedule

May 1 - August 31

All classes will be delivered on Zoom.


Once you've signed up, you will be
emailed the link(s) to participate in the class(es).


If you require assistance setting up Zoom, please contact us! 

*All classes are 55 minutes in length, we start at 5 past the stated time

Tuesday 6 pm

Flow & Restore Yoga 

Gentle flowing movements followed by deep relaxation of restorative poses. We will flow from one asana (pose) to another safely and with proper alignment. We then unwind into stillness through restorative poses. Yoga mat, Yoga blocks, folded blankets, pillows, bolsters, chair, essential oils optional.


Thursday 12 noon


Strength is a full-body workout created to tone all your muscles. Workouts include mobility, balance and strength-based exercises coupled with active rest. The instructor will lead you through body weighted movements, dumbbell exercises, stability ball training and more! 

Monday 6 pm


Barre class is a workout technique inspired by elements of ballet, yoga, and pilates. It focuses on low-impact, high-intensity movements designed to strengthen your body in ways that few other workouts can! It targets all muscle grounds, both upper and lower body. No bar needed, this workout can be done without a bar, or use a chair/wall for stability! 


Wednesday 9 am

Resistance Band

& Core

Resistance Band & Core is a full body workout using a resistance band and a looped resistance band. This class will tone your upper and lower body muscles! At the end of class we will target the core abdominals and obliques!  

Friday 9 am


Stretch will help keep your muscles flexible, strong and healthy. This class will help you gently breathe through the stretches, the messy middle, lengthening your muscles. Stretching is a great way to maintain range of motion in your joints. We will do our best to stretch the whole body. Stretches will be held 30-90 seconds. 


Wednesday 6 pm


Zumba is an upbeat, energetic and fun dance workout. That said, you don't need a dance background to get a great cardio sweat! Movements are choreographed to the music, using moves including salsa, cha cha, reggae and many other styles! The music will be shared from the instructor into your digital device.  

Saturday 9:00 am


Drumming is a cardio-based fitness class combining physical activity with brain fitness, resulting in a fun workout. Grab your drumsticks, pool noodles or wooden spoons along with a stability ball and/chair! Find the beat with a choreographed class lead by the instructor! Music will be provided. 


Tuesday 12 noon



Cardio/Step classes will vary week by week. Debbie will teach Step when she's available and Kat will teach a mix of step, walking, running, reaction training, and cardio aerobics. Step is a form of aerobic exercise that involves stepping on and off a platform (can also be done without a platform). This class is choreographed to the beat of the music! The instructor will teach you the movements, then layer them into a step routine! 

Saturday 9:30 am



Pilates is an innovative system of mind-body exercise developed from the rehabilitation exercises of Joseph Pilates (1883-1967). The entire Pilates philosophy stems from the Roman motto “Mens sana in corpore sano” or “A sound mind in a sound body.” Pilates is a low-impact workout, targeted to improve your glutes, core and upper body. Pilates emphasizes proper postural alignment, range of motion and muscular balance. 

Monday 9 am

Stability Ball

Stability Ball is a full-body energizing workout! Classes vary 

between core, cardio and strength sets with the ball! A stability ball is a soft, light-weight ball that ranges in diameter. Grab your stability ball, light hand weights, yoga mat, space on a wall and get ready to have fun! 


Fitness Equipment List:

If you require assistance accessing fitness equipment, please contact us!

Safe Space to Workout 

Access to a Wall
for Exercises 

Yoga  Mat

Stability Ball

Resistance Band 

Long and Looped

Selection of Dumbbells (1-5lbs, 5-10lbs, 12-15lbs) 


Broom Stick or
PVC piping for
mobility exercises

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