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We are a group fitness community fostering friends and family, both near and far to find their joy in fitness. Together, we show up to take care of our health so we can be patient, kind and loving towards others.
Core Values (Our Super Powers!)
Loving  -  Giving  -  Inspiring  -  Hopeful  -  Living
Hamilton Fitness Community empowers their members to stay strong and embrace this journey. During COVID-19, we connect online, staying safe and healthy at home. Our long term vision is to connect in a hybrid model, both online and in person, when it's safe to do so again.     

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Kat Clewley

Kat began her journey as a fitness instructor in 2005 volunteering to lead Spin classes in North Carolina. Kat immediately knew she had found her calling, melding fitness and teaching! Kat is certified to teach CycleFit, Strength, Cardio, Barre, TRX and Yoga. Kat's energy is contagious, she brings life to fitness! She modifies all classes to meet the needs of the members. Kat is the owner and operator of Hamilton Fitness Community. She will be the main instructor for the fitness classes. 


Nicole Jean

Nicki began her journey as a fitness instructor in the 1990s. Nicki instantly fell in love with teaching, choreographing routines and the energy from the participants! Nicki is certified to teach Aerobics, Boxing, Strength, Stability Ball, Step, Plyometrics and Agility. Nicki is a Registered Massage Therapist with her own practice. Nicki was a guest instructor during the fall 2020 with Hamilton Fitness Community! Nicki has a regular class on the winter 2021 schedule, Monday 9am Stability Ball. Hope to see you there!  


Millie DeGuzman

Millie began her journey as a fitness instructor in 2014 teaching Group Power at the YMCA. Millie loves when she passes the knowledge to another person, reaching a pose or a goal. Millie is certified to teach Yoga (YogaFit style), CycleFit, Bootcamp, Barre, Cardio Kickboxing and TRX. Millie loves to go for walks and explore the trails with her boys looking for tardigrades! Miliie was a guest instructor during the fall 2020 with Hamilton Fitness Community! Millie has a regular class on the winter 2021 schedule, Monday 6pm Restorative Yoga. See you there!


Angela Federico 

Ange began her fitness journey at a young age as a jazz dancer and runner. In 2018 she started as a Zumba Instructor at Mohawk Collage because she wanted to show her love for dance and create an outlet for people to express themselves in a creative yet effective way. Ange’s Zumba class is an upbeat, loud, and energetic Latin dance workout. We work thorough fast past movements paired with traditional dance moves including salsa, cha cha, reggae, and many other dance styles. Join Ange on Wednesdays at 6pm for her regular Zumba class!


Debbie Hutchins 

Debbie began her fitness journey at the YMCA in 2011. She had no prior training in fitness, but had a strong passion for both music and exercise!   She now teaches Step, Spin, Boot Camp, Yoga, Pilates, Cardio Challenge, Aqua Fit, Hydrotherapy, Muscle Fit, Core, Resistance Training, Barre, MOSSA Blast, TRX, QueenAxe, Group Power and Walk Fit. Debbie will be a guest Step Instructor!  She can’t wait to get you moving and having fun with a great energetic work out!

All HFC Fitness Instructors are certified in Standard First Aid CPR with AED

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